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Marissa Meyer is a YA novelist, from the Lunar Chronicles to the Renegades Series. Marissa has done a wonderful job of putting together a podcast where writers talk about their books, journeys, as well as future works. This is definitely a podcast meant for both readers and writers alike, but I can't help but feel how incredibly beneficial it would be for other authors to listen in on how other authors experience similar situations.

The Happy Writer is a rather questionable concept. For many writers, they've had unfavorable luck or just been through things they don't think others would understand. The thing about The Happy Writer is ironic but also well thought out.

After listening to all the episodes, you realize that ultimately these writers are happy but it's okay to not always be. They share their experiences, tell us a little bit about their story, and it's fascinating just listening to their advice, future endeavors, and their past work.

There is a lot that a writer can learn from listening in on this podcast, highly recommend it. A few of the guest speakers are Jessica Brody, Sandhya Menon, Intisar Khanani, Elizabeth Eulberg, and so much much more. It's fun, refreshing and stimulating for the brain to hear from authors with more stories to tell then what is actually in their books. Go ahead! Take a listen on any of the podcast platforms found here.

Don't forget to comment down below which episode was your favorite.

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