Are eReaders worth the money?

I am personally a huge fan on have the physical copy of a book, but most recently I find myself reading books on my phone with Kindle Unlimited. I receive the books quicker, they're easy to follow, I can highlight and take notes wherever I want to take notes which is what I do for all my books.

Yes!!! I write on my books just so that I can keep track of what I'm reading, feeling through the book. So luckily, reading eBooks helps me do that. However, I don't have an e-reader so I did some research.

Turns out that eReaders make it much easier to read on the eyes. You can read in direct sunlight and rest easy without the glare in your eyes because of the backlighting. One particular eReader that I was looking to purchase was the Amazon Paperwhite. Now on its tenth generation it runs for about $130, which is actually a decent price when you consider the fact that if you buy a tablet for a similar reason it'll be way more expensive.

I actually already made my purchase even though I still do intend to hear physical book copies. This article isn't to change your mind, sway your mind. But it was eye-opening for me especially since I love to read in the dark. The phone's glare tends to keep me up for about thirty minutes after I'm done reading which is the reason I made my purchase. Maybe you'll have a reason of your own.

These are eReaders if you're not interested in purchasing a kindle such as Kobo, Nova, Nook, and so much more.

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