Book Review: A Footstep Echo by J.D. Sanderson

Title A Footstep Echo

Author J.D. Sanderson

Stars 4


Bernard has a normal routine life. After bumping into a mysterious girl one day, he finds himself meeting her again outside of his apartment. Unexpectedly, the girl saves him in ways he never thought imaginable.

Did you connect with any characters? How was the character development?

I really wanted to. Tal was one of those characters that I can grow to love but there wasn't enough for me to truly connect. Bernie was an interesting character but not someone I can see myself being attached to.

What I liked most about the book.

I did enjoy the fact that it was action-packed! There was always so much going on that it wasn't boring at all. It was a breeze to read, fun and exciting.

What I disliked about the book.

I do wish there was a little more character development. The ending also made me wonder if we, as readers, were ever going to hear from Bernard again in the future (pun intended).

Would I recommend this book?

I really think you'll enjoy this book if you're a sci-fi junky, love action, enjoy a rather fastpaced book. Look no further, go back yourself a copy of A Footstep Echo along with the second book, The Clock's Knell.

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