Book Review: Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner

Title: Mrs. Everything

Author: Jennifer Weiner

Stars: 4 1/2


Jo and Bethie live their life completely differently but their love for one another never changes. This book narrates from the perspective of both sisters as they walk through life on opposite paths.

Did you connect with any characters? How was the character development?

At first, I was deeply connected with Jo but as the story progressed I genuinely attached to Bethie. Bethie was such an uptight girl, always thinking that she needed to look pretty, glamorous for people to like her but she realized that her looks

What I liked most about the book.

I enjoyed the dynamic between the two sisters. I CRIED SO MUCH!!!! Not even joking. I had so many feelings while reading this book. I laughed, cried, felt sad, it wasn't overwhelming though.

What I disliked about the book.

The writing was a little odd. I would get confused a lot about what I was reading and where I was in the story. I definitely had to go back and reread it a few times. Kinda bothered me but not too much to the point where I would not recommend this.

Inspiring Quotes

Behind every great fortune, there is a crime (280).

-This next quote is from Bethie's perspective on behalf of black people in America.

The firelight had shone on the braids that fell around her face and made her dark skin gleam. Imagine knowing that if you walk in that store, you're going to be followed and watched and treated like a thief. Imagine seeing your father and your brothers getting pulled over, getting arrested, getting locked up for nothing, trying to find jobs, trying to hold jobs, with everyone assuming they are criminals (334).

"We lose ourselves," she repeated, forming each word with care, "but we find our way back" (454).

Would I recommend this book?

If you like classical books, then you might really appreciate this book. It's one of those reads that you shouldn't breeze through. It carries some hard truths, lessons that are worth keeping in mind.

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