Book Review: The Tragic + Divine by Melody Felix-Prieto

Title The Tragic + Divine

Author Melody Felix-Prieto

Stars 4.5


Alexis is both drawn and irritated by Milo, an angel that can't seem to stay away from her. She's been a good girl, sticking to the rules, being an okay student, waiting to graduate high school so she can move back to LA to become a film student until she craves for her freedom.

Did you connect with any characters? How was the character development?

I am Alexis. Just kidding, but it really felt like my teen self! I was a stickler for the rules, however, I really couldn't help but be rebellious at times. I'm also just as stubborn as she is. You can definitely see that Alexis changes as a person from beginning to end even though it kinda goes in a loop.

What I liked most about the book.

It was more of a surprise, there was so much mystery and thriller that went behind the book that wasn't expected at all.

What I disliked about the book.

It was a tad bit slow in the beginning but overall it was necessary with how hard the books slaps later on!

Memorable Quotes

'A boy will go as fr as you let him. If you're not ready and if he can't wait, he's not the guy for you' (163).

I know that many people live through unfortunate circumstances and know this isn't always true, but I felt this was necessary because my dad used to tell me the same thing. #dadadvice

"This is crazy! I'm afraid of heights." "And all this time I thought you were fearless" (180).

Would I recommend this book?

Paranormal, thriller readers will definitely have a good time with this book! It's funny, jaw-dropping entertainment.

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