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I am so happy that I reached out to Naomi Martin after she generously allowed me to read her book! It was exciting, thrilling, and so much fun to flip through the virtual pages of Break Me. She has two books under her belt now in the Sapphire Bay Series with Rescue Me as the second book to her collection, a book in my TBR list. I'm so excited for all of you to get to know her and to read her two amazing novels. Give her a follow on Instagram, her newsletters are also really cute and friendly!

Naomi Martin is a dark young adult romance writer that crafts her novels during the day, and becomes a blood-sucking vampire at night🧛‍♀️. For at least 2 hours a day, she pounds away at her laptop, writing and rewriting her current dark high school romance series, Sapphire Bay High. She is also about to release a TOP-SECRET paranormal romance within the next few weeks. 🤫 

Her current sales platform is Amazon, and her author page can be found here

Most of my questions pertain to Break Me, which I absolutely loved and you can find in the Book Review section of my blog, and future endeavors in her writing career.

I know that Winter had grown as a person before she ended up in Sapphire bay. The events that brought her to feel such pain and misery are real-life events that can crush anyone spirit. Why is it that you chose to start the story ahead of her character development? 

I thought it important that we see Winter as being a bit broken in the beginning. She was lost, coming off a life-altering event and I think we needed to see her at her lowest, perhaps her weakest, so that we could appreciate the journey she makes to reclaiming herself and her life and see her emerge even stronger. I think it’s important to show that evolution through the book and I’d like to think that people can find something meaningful in that journey in terms of their own life. We all face difficult circumstances sometimes (though obviously not so dramatic!) but if we allow ourselves to feel it, we all have strength and courage inside of us that can help us overcome adversity.

In the beginning and in the end I really enjoyed Bonnie as a character, but she was a bit annoying with being the jealous friend. She reminded me of some people I know whom I was never able to reconnect with because of those jealousy situations. Did you base her character off a similar issue?

We all know people like that! :-)Honestly, I think we really do all know people like that. I also think that most of us have even been that person at some point. So yeah, in a way Bonnie was based on a similar issue both internal and external, though I think she’s kind of an amalgamation of different people I’ve known in my life. I think it’s important that our characters have real-life flaws and quirks that make them more relatable - even if we don’t like them at times because that’s kind of true to life too.

Olivia was a surprise for me at the end. It's interesting how in the novel you leave specific clues to what will happen but it didn't click to me until the end of the book. I really enjoyed your writing style with her, especially with your trickery. Why did you invest so much in her character?

Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed Olivia! She was a fun character to write. For Winter, her relationship with Olivia is complicated. Somewhere deep down, she wants to be accepted by the “cool kids.” She wants the popular kids in school to accept her and when Olivia seems to, she jumps at the opportunity. At the same time, she’s definitely more in Bonnie’s lane and has those same values. So it’s kind of a balancing act for Winter in that she wants to be popular but she also REALLY wants people like Olivia to like her.

In the book, I was kind of surprised that Winter dated the second most popular boy in the school, Owen, and not the incredibly charming, Alec. I remember us having a conversation on Instagram where we agreed that second lead syndrome was a thing. Is this why you chose Owen or was there a different reason?

Believe it or not, it wasn’t a specific plot point I’d set out to make. It just fit into the overall narrative flow of the book to have her date Owen. Beyond that, I think that Winter sees a basic decency in Owen that connects with her deep down. A decency she didn’t see in the others. And even when all of the bad stuff is happening and she’s learning what monsters these people are, she still holds to that belief that he will eventually do the right thing. And I think we see that in the end when Owen validates Winter’s belief in that basic goodness inside of him.

Rescue Me, as I understand it, can be read as a stand-alone. Of course, I haven't read it yet but does that book have any connections at all the Break Me? If not, when and why did you decide to keep the two stories apart?

The only real connection is that it’s set in the same universe - Sapphire Bay. And there may be some overlap with characters from the two books. You may see cameos from characters we know from time to time. But the books themselves are separate entities entirely because I think Sapphire Bay is such a big universe and is filled with many different characters who have interesting stories to tell. I think taking a wider sweep through Sapphire Bay and seeing that others have to offer in terms of a story keeps things fresh and exciting. It allows us to see the world through the eyes of others and I always think that’s fun. 

As a reader, and a fan. I'm curious how long the Sapphire Bay series will go on for. If you have any plans to publish any other works for a more adult audience, keep the YA genre, maybe a more in-depth crime novel!

I’d love to keep the Sapphire Bay series going on forever! Seriously, as long as there is interest in this universe and people are enjoying what it has to offer, I’d love to keep these stories coming. As long as there’s interest, there will be a Sapphire Bay! As far as other projects, there are a few other things in the works. I’m developing a darker Paranormal RH Prison book right now I hope people will enjoy. Beyond that, I guess we’ll have to see where we go and hopefully you’ll all come along for the ride!

Well I'm sold. I hope you all enjoyed our little interview. Don't forget to go follow her on social media and purchase her books Break Me, Rescue me.

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