Post-Apocalyptic Reading During Quarantine?

Let's be honest, I don't know everyone. I literally asked a group of 15 college friends to ask them if they were reading. To my surprise ten out of fifteen actually enjoy reading books, some were interested in starting a book club but that was a discussion for a different day.

So I reached out to my friends asking them if they would be open to reading a post-apocalyptic books right now with the current situation we are living in. As I had anticipated, many of my friends rejected the idea because they were worried it'll lead them to feel anxiety. Understandable, not everyone has a good grasp on the situation at hand. We as a civilization still don't know where all of this is going and reading about it probably isn't the best choice. Some just didn't like reading this type of genre or weren't interested.

To my surprise a few were open to the idea of reading a post-apocalyptic book during quarantine. Out of privacy I will keep my friend anonymous but I'll give them a number with their response.

1) I honestly would love to read it, I think that reading about it might help others realize that this whole COVID-19 situation will change the way we as individuals will eventually carry out our contemporary lives.

2) I think that reading a post-apocalyptic book is applicable to what I am doing now and that I see more similarities happening currently. I think it's just relevant to read.

3) I would definitely read a post-apocalyptic book, it's the only kind of book I like.

4) I would be open to reading anything right now, I'm so bored. I mean everyday the whole Coronavirus situation is all my mom talks about so I would be anxious but it's still something to do.

5) I'm not much of a reader but it sounds interesting, I think I'd enjoy it.

6) I think it's worth taking a look at because it might tell give us insight on the wisdom of how people deal with a post-apocalyptic fictional world compared to real life.

I found all their responses to hold some interest whether it was for enjoyment or to learn something from it, it really had me thinking if it'll make a difference. What are some real lessons to be learned about reading fictional books?

As always, thank you for reading! Don't forget to leave your comments down below!

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