Twitters Writing Community Goes #indieapril This Month

2020 has become an unexpected turn of events. But that doesn't stop the #writingcommunity for indulging in this year's #indieapril. Indie April is a time where authors who are either self-published or published from a smaller publishing company self promote themselves in hopes that someone will read their work.

It's truly remarkable. I've read one book from their recommendations on Twitter, The Hidden King, and I'm eager to read more. Indie authors really put so much work and effort into their work. Looking from every angle to become recognized for their efforts,

completely admirable. I understand their conviction. It's that raw desire to put your work out there that always has me #movingforward.

Of course, this April is special due to circumstances but with plenty of time at hand, there isn't anything we can't read if we just set our minds to it. The next time you're on Twitter check out the amazing community of authors and get to know a little bit more about their work.

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