What the first Three Chapters of 'Rules for Being a Girl' is Missing

The first three chapters are missing the entire book! Rules for Being a Girl is written by Candace Bushnell and Katie Cotugno, published by Epic Reads. Based off the description this book is supposed to be about Marin exposing sexism at her school after her professor, Mr. Beckett aka Bex, comes onto her.

So far from what I've read, Marin seems pretty comfortable with Bex, but isn't that how most of these situations occur? People are more likely to be taken advantage of by someone they trust. I've been fortunate enough to not experience such a situation, but I've had many friends who weren't. It's difficult to live through such an encounter, realize that no one wants to listen or even help in such a situation. Hopefully, this book helps young women and even older women understand to stand up for themselves in this sexist world.

I am clearly looking forward to reading this young girls take on feminism, where it leads her. You can read the first three chapters on your own here.

Coming to the end of women's history month, it's always incredible to see how women persistence towards change for there lives and the generations to come has shifted. Be the strong, beautiful, independent woman that you know you are and if you're not there yet, be patient with yourself, take baby steps. Revolutions don't occur over night.

As always I am more than happy to read other opinions so don't forget to comment down below what you think of the first three chapters or the entire book as a whole!

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