Why Do You Read? Edgar Allan Poe Changed My View on Reading

When I was a bratty kid in Middle School I used to read manga, basically the only kind of reading I truly enjoyed. I would read the books required in class but it was never something I really enjoyed to do at all. I wouldn't come home from school and pick up a book. I wouldn't eat while reading a book right next to me. I wouldn't bother to continue a book without the teacher giving out assigned reading pages.

Reading just wasn't something I was opened to doing whenever I had free time. But of course, this is a book blog because my perspective changed. To be more precise, "The Tell-Tale Heart" changed my life. I know what you're thinking, that's such a creepy story, or that's weird for a high school freshman to like, or I'm for weird liking that story. Regardless, it's true.

My love for reading came from this weird, creepy short story. It might not have let me sleep for a day or two but it certainly changed how I continued to view reading. I was so drawn to the story, drawn to the way the story was given that it captivated me completely. My desire to read more stories that would come to give me the same feeling of escape was truly an experience.

Yes, I started reading in school during class, during lunch, when I came home, when I was eating, when I was supposed to be sleeping. Reading is an escape that I couldn't appreciate before but I had found it. Do you know how difficult it is to explain the incredible power of reading to people who haven't found their love of books yet? IT"S HARD!!!! It's like trying to explain what Disneyland is to someone who's never heard of it. How do you get someone excited for something they don't understand?

It's a journey that people take individually. Books are magical, even the non-fiction books because all books take you into a story in one or another.

Let me know how you became a book lover in the comments down below!

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